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    There is a recent problem with 3d textures running in Mobile 945


      I use Vista home basic with dual P4 processor, and 2GB memory, and I play Warcraft (the old startegy game from 2002, not World of Warcraft). Its such a light game and I used to be able to run it with no problems. But recently, going back a few months, i have problems with the textures. The game is in full screen, and usually i could press Windows button to go to iTunes or something (to change music) and go back with no problem. But lately if go away from the game, when returning to it I'd get a problem... None of the textures load. So i would have a completely black screen with only light sources (since it's 3D and there are in game "lights" like lamps, candles, magic glows, etc).

      It's like the graphics can't load the simple 3D textures if I minimize it and go back to it. Obviously this is annoying because some times I'd accidently touch the Windows button (whose idea to put it next to the Alt key anyway?!?!) and then i can't get back in the game. Double annoying when Im playing online, because then there's no way i could finish the game.

      I could find a screen saved picture if anyone wants to see, but i hope i don't really have to :/

      Anyway, thanks for those who are reading! I hope you guys could help.