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    BSODs after fresh, clean install


      Due to a huge amount of BSODs i reinstalled Windows 10 on my PC


      Right after a clean install of windows i get the following BSODs

      BAD POOL CALLER, SYSTEM SERVICE EXCEPTION, undefined BSOD with errorcode 0x000021a abd PAGE FAULT IN NONPAGED AREA (in that order after restarts).

      This was when i installed windows in an SSD Drive

      After i tried to install it on a HDD drive, a SYSTEM SERVICE EXCEPTION BSOD appeared one after another until the system booted into the windows repaircenter.


      I have a gigabyte ga-h97-hd3 mainboard and an i5-4690k cpu.


      Other than that i have 8GB Ram (crucial Ballistix Sport)which i already checked with memtest86+ (13h testrun without problems),

      either a Sandisk Z400s SSD, or a Samsung HD642JJ HDD and besides the PSU (Corsair CS550M) and an Asus monitor nothing is connected to the system.


      Prior to that i operated my pc via Knoppix Live version from an usb stick. There were no BSODs but frequen system freeze...but i have no idea if there are BSODs under linux.



      Does anyone have an idea whath the problem could be?


      Many thanks in advance