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    Can't boot using fast boot?


      I just set up a new NUC6i7KYB with latest BIOS (41), video driver (4481) and latest Windows 10 PRO 9v1607, build 14393.82).  The video connection is mini-displayport.  I'm using a Samsung 950 PRO NVME 256 GB as boot drive.  When check the Fast Boot box in boot configuration of BIOS, a red asterisk appears.  After saving in BIOS and rebooting, every time it hangs with a black screen.  Un-checking Fast Boot leads to the usual splash screen of options and eventually to my enter PIN log on screen.


      Does anybody have any suggestions for me to get Fast Boot to work?


      For the record, my NUC 5i7RYK does not have this problem.




      Larry B.