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    I7-4790 (non-K) overheating to 100 Degree Immediately after some CPU load.


      Hi, I have an i7-4790 (non-K) with a stock cooler. I have a Gigabyte GA-H81M-S2H rev 1.0 motherboard.

      When playing Overwatch, the CPU temps shoot up to 100 C at about 50% CPU load. This happens in the first 5 minutes of playing a game. I've searched these forums for some solutions but they are all related to the i7-4790K primarily (especially in regards to the XTU instructions on how to fix this issue). My CPU idles at around 49 Degrees as well.


      So far I've done the following:

      1) Update my BIOS from version F1 to latest version F2.

      2) Cleared CMOS

      3) Checked for XMP Profiles, went through my BIOS and didn't see anything regarding XMP so I think either my RAM doesn't support it or my MOBO doesn't. Either way I don't think XMP is on as there is no way to turn it off.

      4) Check to see if CPU fan is running properly. BIOS reports it at around 2000 RPM. Is this normal for a stock intel cooler?


      Steps I need to do and need help with are the following:

      1) Checking to see if my heatsink and CPU fan are installed correctly. I have no idea how to do this. I'd really prefer not to take apart my system but I will if need be. Just want to know the easiest and safest way about doing this.

      2) Using XTU tuner. Downloaded off the Intel site a version of XTU, not the one in the sticky thread because that link doesn't work anymore. In the instructions given in the sticky thread for the i7-4790K version, it says to check "CPU Total TDP". This information is not showing up on my XTU. If I press the little wrench button on the bottom right of the program window I can turn on "Package TDP", "Core TDP", and "Graphics TDP". Which one is equivalent to "CPU Total TDP"?? In any case, I want to try the XTU tuner steps but I don't even know about what settings to change. I believe that the non-k and k versions will have different settings that I am allowed to change. The instructions given in the Intel Sticky Thread are all i7-4790K related.


      In any case here is what I am seeing from XTU @ default with no adjustments:

      Core Voltage - 0.900V (this seems very low?)

      Core Voltage Offset - 0.0 mV

      Turbo Boost Short Power Max - 105 W

      Turbo Boost Power Max - 84 W

      Turbo Boost Power Time Window - 1.0 Seconds

      Processor Current Limit - 95.0 A


      These settings seem normal? Where can I take it from here to address the CPU overheating????


      Can someone please help me out. This is a $350 dollar processor that is not overclocked and I am having some major issues.