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    Bootable raid 0 over dual u.2 ports on the Gigabyte X99 Designare EX.



      so, I'm working on a new build with the X99 Designare and a 6850k. So far I'm loving it. But I'm having a lot of trouble finding relevant information about setting up a raid array between the two u.2 ports.


      I have a pair of 5TB Toshiba conventional SATA drives which the BIOS immediately recognized and allowed me to setup in raid0 using the lovely EZ RAID setup.


      I also have two Intel 750's of the 1.2TB, 2.5 inch, u.2 variety which the BIOS recognises without issue, but which i can't seem to find a way to RAID them in the BIOS. Neither of the two ways to setup a RAID via this BIOS even show them as an option. But I believe I need to get it done via BIOS because I want them in bootable RAID0 so i can install Windows 10 and use them as my c: drive.


      Any suggestions?

      Thanks for your time.


      PS: apologies for the text color flip. It's not intentional. I'm posting from a tablet which is not cooperating with this forum's text editor. =(


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