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    s2600cw server board unable to detect the Add-in Video Card.


      We owned 2 brand new identical servers with Intel Server Motherboard S2600CW.  One of which installed with the graphic card Asus GeForce GTX 960, and the other using the on-board vga. Both has been working well. Recently, we have some adjustments  to the servers. We took out the graphic card and installed into the other server. The problem is that the graphic card could not be detected in the other motherboard.


      We have tried to slot in into all the available slots but no prevailed. When we slotted back in to the original server, the motherboard detected it, which means the graphic card is not faulty at all.


      We are unable to figure out the Bios setting. We cannot change the Add-in video adapter to enable. It is always grey out. We suspect the Bios setting, but we are unsure what to do. Please help.