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    Edi-Cam | Issue When Loading on Boot


      I currently am running Edi-Cam on the Intel Edison and am looking to run this on boot.


      Edi-Cam works fine when I am not trying to load it on boot (webcam live feed appears in browser). However when loading on boot the video feed does not show but the web server is running and the page is up. I know that Edi-Cam is running on boot because I can restart the Edison and I am able to see the web server running, but no video feed. I used this tutorial to help me run the server on boot.


      Here is how I am currently running it on boot:

      Running it as a service on boot:

      yourscript.service executes the "yourscript.sh" file.



      Using commands in the "yourscript.sh" file to load the server.js file:

      For the most part it is working, but I think the order of file execution may be an issue?...



      The service is running and the web server is up... no video feed is showing up.



      Server running on boot, yet no video feed. What could the issue be?



      Any help is much appreciated!