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    Workbench 4.0 automation for testing.


      Case Description

      Currently, we are executing unit tests manually on a VxWorks Simulator target using the "Run/Debug Kernel Task" GUI via Workbench 4. Our team would like to automate the execution of the unit tests from the VxWorks Simulator environment using a continous integration tool. 

      Does Workbench 4.0 support this use case ? It seems wrtool may allow us to automate builds but does it also allow us to automate other Workbench actions ?



      Within the WB4 install, you will find python scripts and the wrdbg shell which relies on those python scripts.


      The file WIND_HOME/workbench-4/WIND_HOST_TYPE/lib/python/tests/samples/task.py is an example on how to use and script the wrdbg commands.


      The example starts a vxsim, connects and creates/stops a task.


      With a recent enough WB4, you may also simply call to "target connect vxsim -kernel <kernelpath>" and the vxsim is started automatically (and killed at either "quit" or "target disconnect" call).


      The only supported API here is "gdb.execute()", the output of the commands may change (hopefully not too much) from a release to another.