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    Video Issues Windows 10 Anniversary Edition (Build 1607)


      Ran into roughly the same issue on two different models of NUCs (NUC6i5SYH, NUC5i5MYBE). They work totally fine on Windows 10 build 1511 but if you do a fresh install (not tested direct upgrades) of build 1607 you run into video issues where the screen goes totally black except you can see the mouse if you move it around.


      On the Gen6 NUC I only saw it when the screen shut off for a bit but it was not set to go to sleep but just lock the computer and shut off the screen after 10 minuets. When I let it set come back and try to login I would just get the black screen and could only see the mouse. If I hit control alt delete I could get the related menu but if I tried to access the task manager it would just go back to the black screen. I would reboot and later on in the day run into the same issue. Since it was a new build I just said fine and reloaded again from the 1607 iso and ran into the same issue. I resolved it by downloading the graphics drivers off Intel's site and used that driver to replace the built in 1607 driver and it worked.


      So then I thought nothing of it as that is the only one of that model currently in our environment but then I started trying a new imaging system and ran into a very similar issue on the Gen5 NUC only when I tried to deploy the 1607 build. I would boot into windows after the image and login but about 10 seconds after I login I would get the same black screen where I can only see the mouse courser, I tried imaging using the 1511 build with no issue.


      Is there some issue going on with the default video drivers that come with the 1607 build of Win10? It looks to me to possibly be common over at least to different models from two different generations so I assume other have seen this or will see this soon as they start to test deploying the new 1607 build.