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    SMBIOS manufacturer and model info missing for imaging driver deployment


      I am using an imaging solution called Smart Deploy to test imaging our NUCs and found there was some missing information in the SMBIOS it has been different on the two models I have checked but this is what I found.


      For the NUC6i5SYH I could see this where the Manufacturer is there but not the Model:


      For the NUC5i5MYHB I get junk for both Manufacturer and Model:


      I am new to setting up drive checks in images so maybe I am missing something here but we have a ton of the NUC5i5MYHBs and they all have the same issue. I looking into changing it using the Intel Integrator Toolkit but that seems to be completely removed from the site so not sure how I can apply drivers to these units if I have no way to uniquely identify them based off hardware and I can't find a way to update the SMBIOS info. If the Intel Integrator Toolkit is the fix to this then does anyone know how to get my hands on the last copy Intel released?