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    System builders - Issues with NUCS


      Hey, I work for a small company that uses Intel's NUC as servers but we have been having problems with every model that usually results in a RMA. Right now with their current model I'm at a point where I've RMAed 1 out of every 3. I'm just wondering if anyone else is having this many issues?


      First issue we ran into was the RDP graphical glitch that took intel over 6 months to fix. You know, the one that made headless NUCs impossible without a dummy plug.


      Second issue was when there were 2 drives plugged in (HDD sata and SSD msata) the NUC went completely bonkers and couldn't boot. Sometimes if I selected the drive that didn't have the OS installed on it and it would boot into the OS. Jackie-Chan-WTF.jpg


      Those were the 2 consistent issues in the early stages. Now I have so many different issues with the NUC6i3SYH model its driving me nuts. They all seem to be power related though. In one issue the windows event viewer would report low power states for all the cores at every boot up making boot ups take up to 10 minutes after a fresh install. The issue I'm having now is that the NUC will suddenly shut down and go to the unsuccessful post screen. Edit: my boss told me had this same issue with the Celeron version of the NUCS as well as the i3 models.


      Is anyone else having to RMA 1/3 of their NUC builds? this is ridicules. If it was up to me, we would have stopped buying NUCS a LOOOONG time ago. But I'm not the sales person. I'm just a worker bee.


      Intel, if u come in here telling me to contact support don't bother. I do every time and started listing everything I've tried so I don't have to go through your level 1 tech support of disconnecting and reconnecting HDDs or w/e and go straight to RMA.


      P.S. I just updated the Bluetooth drivers in troubleshooting and now the Bluetooth devices have disappeared. xD at least I didn't want Bluetooth anyways.