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    New laptop crashes to black screen at random intervals


      I just got a new computer that runs windows 10. During random intervals the screen will go black, not like it is crashing completely but more of a black screen with the back light still on. The only thing that fixes this problem is doing a power cycle.

      This is the specs for my computer:

      Intel Core i5-6200U Processor (3 MB Cache, 2.3 GHz)

      8 GB of RAM, DDR3 1600Mhz

      Intel HD Graphics 520 (current driver


      The name of the model is "HP 250 G5 SKYLAKE I5" and I have not done any sorts of modification so far.

      What I have done so far: completely reinstall windows 10 from the beginning. Installed new drivers from intels homepage (I am however not sure I did it the correct way but I got a message confirming the installation and un-installation). Uninstalled the drivers. Restarting my computer several times. What is weird is that this is happening on random intervals. I do not use any sort of heavy programs or anything like that. During the whole re-installation on windows 10 this thing never happened, not even once. Some times it can take 40 minutes and other times it might take 10 minutes before it happens. I have also checked for windows 10 updates and I am on the latest version.