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    Intel SGX PRM - about HW reserved region




      I am working with i5-6600 (6th generation).


      I've tried to read TAD (Target Address Decoder) using PCI bus. And the value was all 1s.



      I've heard that

      1) SAD/TAD is disabled when SGX is disabled.

      2) When accessing PRM with non-enclave mode processor, read request is aborted and the result turns out to be all 1s.


      With facts of 1, 2,

      I am guessing that 'TAD is in PRM & I cannot access it when SGX is disabled'.


      Am I guessing right?


      i.e., I want to access TAD w/o enabling SGX. Is it possible?

      If possible, is there any document or other kind of hint for it?


      Thank you