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    D5400XS - No Video


      I bought a D5400XS from newegg when it first was released. This board had a problem where some of the PCI-e slots didn't work. I one day decided to try to test out the other pci-e slots again to buy another GPU for SLI. as a result of this, the board stopped working all together. after some back and forth warranty games intel  finally agreed to sell me a replacement board.


      I got the replacement board, and I should note that this was not the same board as the first one I had bought. The new board came with an updated bios, had a battery for the CMOS, and there was a sticker that wasn't on the previous version. when I first set this replacement board up, every time I wake up in the morning to turn it on, I had to press the reset button 6 times before anything on the video would show. in a bid to fix it, i flashed the bios to the latest version, and I went through all these settings in the BIOS. I decided to try to enable EFI mode because of the prospect that it would be an improvement over the BIOS, but from this point on, no matter how many times I reboot, nothing shows up on the monitor. I tried three monitors, I tried to put the GPU into all pci-e slots, with no luck. the problem now is that nothing shows up on the monitor, but I still hear windows start up. I also attempted to flash the BIOS to make sure that EFI was no longer the problem. not even the 6 reboot voodoo ritual no longer works.


      FYI: I tried two pci-express GPUs and neither of them are working.


      I tried to get intel to see what the problem was, so I paid to have the board shipped to them, but they sent it back because there was a minor scratch, and I don't think they really tried to do any diagnostics on it.


      has anyone else had similar problem? and what can I do to fix this problem?