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    Need help to create custom board based on Intel x1000 Quark SoC




           I am planning to create my custom board based on Intel Quark x1000 SoC for one of our IoT based Product. I have started to create meta-clanton based Yocto Image and tested it on Intel Galileo Gen 2board which works fine without any issue.


           Right Now, I am using SD card to boot my firmware into Intel Galileo Gen 2 Kit. But, I want to understand how LSPI flash is configured, managed and which types of images are stored into that LSPI flash to boot kernel image, initrd and full file system which is stored into SD card.


           I have looked some basic informations about flash layout of LSPI NOR Flash but need some more details for that.


           Please provide me answers of some following questions regarding LSPI memory if anyone has.


           1) how to flash cap file as well as other required files to start any Intel Quark x1000 SoC based board?

           2) is there any programmer or tool required to flash required files into LSPI Flash for custom board based on Intel Quark x100 SoC?


           Please let me know required steps or configurations into LSPI flash for my custom board development




      Ritesh Prajapati