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    X25-M G2 80GB, Steam games freeze with AHCI mode enabled.


      I have an Intel X25-M G2 80gb SSD, and Windows 7 Ultimate 64bit. I recently enabled AHCI through Windows using the steps in this guide.  http://www.ithinkdiff.com/how-to-enable-ahci-in-windows-7-rc-after-installation/


      Everything has sped up, and up until now, I wasn't having any problems, so I assumed I had done it properly. Then, I went to fire up GTA IV, which I run through Steam, and it froze before I could even get into the game. I had to CTRL + ALT +DLT to get out of the game.


      Remember, I enabled AHCI after the Windows installtion. I had heard that it could be problematic, but up until now, everything had been going smoothly.


      Any suggestions?

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          Did you try to re-install Steam? That might help.

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            Yup, I think the simplest fix would be to re-install Steam and / or GTA. I'd stick with AHCI if you can, for better performance. Is it just this one game that you can't run?

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              Well when I had AHCI mode enabled (I disabled it now) not only games would freeze. Whenver there was an imbedded video on a website, such as youtube, the video wouldn't play. For instance, on a news website, if there was a video, it wouldn't play. If someone hosted a youtube video, but on facebook, it wouldn't play etc. etc.


              I have the EP45-UD3R motherboard, and I think I may be enabling the wrong modes.


              There are these options, and I'm not sure which to pick, or if to pick both, as they both offer AHCI options. There is "Sata, Raid/AHCI Mode" and Onboard Sata/IDE device. Whenver I enable Sata Raid/AHCI mode to AHCI, I can't boot into windows. When I enable AHCI in the Onboard SATA/IDE device, I can boot in, but I get the problem where I can't view videos, or play games.

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                hello Ckaz,


                I can't offer any help to your direct problem with Steam freezing, but perhaps I can help with some other questions..           


                I'm just going to start from the beginning because I have access to the same family board (which is basically the same but doesnt have the R on the end, i.e. doesnt use raid).


                On your specific motherboard, you have two embedded SATA controllers:


                • First is the Intel ICH10(R) controller which is comprised of 6 yellow SATA ports.
                • Second is a Gigabyte-branded (I think supplied by JMicron) controller comprised of two purple ports.


                Given gigabyte's BIOS are usually the same, at the top of Integrated Peripherals, you will have the option for SATA RAID/AHCI Mode, with sub options of DISABLED, RAID, or AHCI. Below this, is a sub option for SATA PORT0-3 NATIVE MODE with sub-options Disabled or Enabled. These options are specifically for controlling the behaviour of the Intel ICH10R controller (i.e. yellow ports) and ideally this is the controller you want to have your X25-M G2 plugged into, and furthermore, the port SATA2_0 (top right of the block of 6).



                About two thirds of the way down on the same screen, you will see the option for "Onboard SATA/IDE device". This option manages the purple ports which are controlled by the Gigabyte-branded controller. I (as well as many results on Google) consider these ports inferior to the Intel controller and suggest you do not use them unless you run out of yellow Intel ports.




                Now, since you haven't provided any clear evidence of your current configuration, I will just go ahead and post what is the ideal configuration (in my opinion):


                - Connect your G2 to the SATA2_0 port, which is the top-right of the yellow ports.


                - Have SATA RAID/AHC Mode set to ACHI.


                - Have SATA PORT0-3 Native Mode set to Enabled


                - Disable the Onboard SATA/IDE device (do not have anything plugged into purple ports, unless you need to)


                - If using Windows 7, do not use Intel Matrix Storage Manager drivers. The default Microsoft AHCI driver is a good choice for the time being because it utilises TRIM. Intel's replacement drivers (Rapid Storage Technology) which replace IMSM, are not far away from being released. Not saying to upgrade immediately, but in the future, these can be installed (perhaps a release or two later in case any bugs are ironed out) to further enhance performance of your configuration.


                - Update your motherboard BIOS to utilise the newer version of the Intel RAID/AHCI controller BIOS. With your motherboard BIOS version F11 or F12, it will use the newer RAID/AHCI BIOS. You can test this by watching the AHCI intialisation screen when you POST - it will tell you the version of the RAID/AHCI BIOS (typical values are older 1.06 or 1.07 "Copyright 2006" , or, as of mid-2009, gigabyte pushed the newer 1.20E RAID/ACHI version, which will say "Copyright 2008". There's no proof I've seen, but if Gigabyte pushed the update, I'd say it fixed a few things behind the scenes (it also speeds up the AHCI detection screen.. so if yours is quick, chances are its the newer 1.20E.. if it's slow, it).


                So, out of interest, what BIOS is your motherboard? Which SATA ports are you using (not just for G2 but for all/any other drives)? Have you installed Intel Matrix Storage Manager drivers?

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                  You have two SATA controllers on your motherboard.  From looking at the this motherboard's manual, Sata Raid/AHCI is the ICH10R SATA ports, and you'll want to use these ones in AHCI mode.  Make sure you're plugged into one of the ICH SATA ports(the block of six SATA connectors), preferably SATA 0.

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                    And no, I didn't crib off of Ozz's excellent answer, just a few minutes late...

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                      So I went in and changed a few said things. Put my Intel Drive to the yellow SATA Port 0, disabled Onboard SATA/IDE device, put the SATA Raid/AHCI mode to AHCI. I also updated my bios to F12.


                      So now, I can boot into windows with AHCI mode on, and I can watch videos and play games, but there is still a problem.

                      Both of my drives (my Intel X25-M 80gb and my Western Digital Caviar Black 1TB) show up as removable devices.


                      Is there an explanation and a fix for this?

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                        Good to hear you seem to have resolved your issues.


                        Regarding the presence of removable devices, that part of the featureset of AHCI, i.e. it's not a problem per se.


                        Having not extensively used Win 7 myself, you might be able to hide certain devices from the list, so as to avoid accidentally attempting to remove the wrong drive; I don't think windows will let you remove itself anyway. However, the 1TB WD drive would probably remove without issue if there's no system partition or programs in use that happen to reside on that drive.