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    ss4200e:  Incredibly low transfer speeds fro USB connected harddrive




      I'm hoping you can help a newbie.  I've recently just purchased and installed a Fujitsu/Siemens ss4300e server.  I have it up and running and have been able to connect to it via my laptop.  I am trying to move about 100GB of files onto the server from a standalone USB harddrive which I have plugged into the 4200's front USB port.  To do this I have accessed the server's menu via its software and clicked on the links for the shared and usb drives to open them as folders on my laptop with windows explorer.  Once open I have tried initiating the file transfer as either a copy/paste or drag/drop; I've tired it several times in hope of getting a faster transfer result).  After a fairly quick start for the first 1-2GB of transfer, the transfer slows down to just below 999KBps (according to the WIndow's copy popup window) and stays there.... only 1 day and 8 hours to go!  I've seen posts indicating I should expect 25MBps transfer speeds at a minimum, and I am concerned because I eventually want to use this server to stream audio and video.


      Here's a bit about my system:

      Router:  Linksys WRT54G (10/100, 4-port ehternet and wireless), soon to be upgraded.

      Switch:  Gigabyte switch

      Computer:  HPdv9910us laptop (running Vista Home Premium, and accesing the server via my wireless network)


      Can you please help me figure out and fix this issue?