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    DQ67OW - Confirming stepping re: SATA bug


      HI all,


      I've got hold of a DQ67OW board from eBay as part of a modest upgrade project for my home media server. I'd looked at this article regarding the stepping:


      Identify Intel® Desktop Boards B2 and B3 Chipset Versions


      - as I was aware of the flaws with the early versions of the chipset on the 3GB/s SATA ports. It says the new 'AA' number for this board at that point was G12528-303 and that older numbers than that would be B2 steppings with the flaw on the SATA ports. The board reports itself in the BIOS as being G12528-308 which suggested to me it was newer and would be OK.


      However I've just fired up CPU-Z and under the Mainboard tab it lists 'Southbridge: Q67 - Stepping B2'. Heart sank a bit as I will need to use all the ports and I got a 6-port board for that reason. I guess CPU-Z could be mis-detecting things, but can anyone confirm based on the AA numbers which stepping this board is on?