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    Need help to update zImage, Initrd and full rootfs images into Intel Galieo Gen 2 Board




           I am working on Intel Galileo Gen 2 board as well as started my work to create custom board based on Intel Quark x1000 SoC. I have taken concept of Intel meta-clanton BSP 1.1.0 and created our custom Yocto Images like boot, zImage, initrd and full rootfs file system for Intel Galileo Gen 2 board.


           I have also tested all that images from SD Card and it works fine without any issue.


           Now, I am planning to create Firmware Update Mechanism for all boot, zImage, Initrd and full file system images into SD card and I think OTA update will be best option as I am creating this product as IoT product.


           I am thinking to create one partition for Grub Loader, One Master Partition for zImage, Initrd & Full Rootfs Images, One Slave Partition for Backup, One Partition for Database storage etc partitions into SD card as our board will be started from SD card only.


           So, does any one has any idea or information about how to manage all this partitions and update it into SD card as part of Firmware Update Process?




      Ritesh Prajapati