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    Use cpu alone


      Hi guy,


      For my project I would like use an intel atom X7-8700.

      I start with nothing I need to build everything (choose RAM, Flash etc...).


      Firtsly :


      Page 338 of this doc :


      I don't understand the center of the footprint there is no dimension or anything else for draw it.


      Secondly :


      I do not use BIOS but a bootloader saved at the begins of flash memory.

      I think i do use the BLDK software but i haven't got the .bsf file.

      Where it is ?


      To conclude how from nothing and develop his own card with intel cpu ?


      Thank's you

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          Intel Corporation
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          Hello, titusIII:


          Thank you for joining the Processors Community.


          I would like to know what kind of project you are planing to start. 


          Please check the link provided it leads no a unknown page, see the error 


          In regard to your second inquiry, the best support for this software should be provided by the Intel® Embedded Design Center, see here for the contact information Account Support and here for the forums Forum: Embedded Community |Embedded Community. If you are planing on creating your own platform based on Intel processor the  Intel® Embedded Design Center should be able to provide you with more feedback.