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    intel DG45ID installing


      I just buy intel dg45id and intel q8300 and 2 giga of DDR2 800Mhz and  WD sata 640 Giga harddisk , 450W power suply, I can`t instal windows 7  or vista or xp 64 bit version, evrery time i try to instal one of 64 bit version operating sistem or 32 bit  i get a blue screen error.It works all fine i put the windows (xp , vista or 7 ) bootabile cd into dvd drive is starting the setup , is copying files and after that at 5% of copying files it just  apears that blue screen error and i don`t know what to do , im trying to  instaling for last 5 days and i just can`t   pls melp me and tell me how to setup my bios, or tell me where i do someting wrong. Thanks

      PS: pls someone who had this trouble before pls tell me how to fix it.

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          How did you update your BIOS , Express or USB drive , Because without a working OS the express method will give you problem, If you have to use a different computer Download the file and save it to a USB drive then do the update , just make sure you have your BIOS set where it can Boot from a USB , Good Luck .

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            Hy robert , i make a bootabile cd with bios and i updated my bios version, but the problem wasn`t that, today i buy 1 slot of  one giga ddr2 ram 800Mhz (KINGSTONE) and now works i instales windows 7 on my pc . The problem was with ddr2 ram i have because the bios doesn`t reconize my memory at 800 Mhz, it reconeize at 667Mhz and that was the big problem. So if another users need help with this kind of things just buy another type of memory ram. Thanks Robert

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              I don't Get why it's running at 667 Iam using DDR2800 and it runs at 800. I am not sure if your BIOS allows you to manuely set it to 800 , but mines been running at 800 for almost a year no problems.

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                Is it PC2-6400

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                  Hi Rossy,


                  Check the supported memory voltage by the board and the RAM SPD timings.  I also faced similar issue. I had bought kingston 2 GB DDR2 800Mhz  single stick RAM but it used to work at 667Mhz speed as autodetected by  the Intel BIOS. I had DG965WH motherboard at that time. After a bit  research i came to know that this particular RAM stick is designed for  2V which is not supported by the board and it need to be 1.8V make, the  SPD timings were fine i.e 5-5-5. I tried manually changing the memory  configuration in bios but after setting it at 800Mhz my system used to  go in infinite reboot cycle.