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    Does i7 5820k with 64GB RAM support quad channel mode?


      I was just about to purchase and i7 5820k from OCUK when I saw this comment which worried me. From what I can gather this person is suggests that if you max out your board with 64gigs and youre running a 5820k it will NOT run in quad channel. Is this correct? I cant find information stating this on the intel site.


      Additionally on the specifications pages, under CPU specs - Max RAM I note the qualification 'depending on memory type'. Does this mean the speed of the RAM? And if so what exactly is the limitation? Do certain speeds have a lower maximum GB of RAM?

      This CPU is pretty fast, everything opens up instantly - and I can run quite a few VM's.


      However there was one thing that has given me a bit of grief over the last few days. I have the EVGA X99 FTW mobo and it can support up to 128GB of RAM. I have two quad-channel kits of 32GB DDR4 2400MHz. However when installing that amount - the board would not boot. When lowered to 32GB, it booted fine.


      After much messing about - and emails pinging back and forth to EVGA support about trying this and that - I checked the CPU specs on Intel ARK - and the i7 CPU's (even the extreme) can only support a max of 64GB - and this is single channel (I have 2 kits of 4x 8GB Quad Channel DDR4 2400Mhz).


      To get the system booted - I had to slow the RAM down in the XMP profile to 2133MHz - otherwise it would either fail to boot, or only register some of the RAM (for example 48GB, or 32GB when all 64GB was installed).


      If like me - you need this amount of RAM (or more) go for the Xeons instead.


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