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    i7 6700k temperature too high


      I just built my new PC: I7 6700K, Asus Z170-A, CM Hyper Evo 212, MSI GTX 1070, Corsair Carbide 400C(stock fans). Currently my settings are set to Adaptive(max 1.2) in BIOS and I think my cpu temps are too high.

      While playing overwatch on ultra max temp recorded with core temp was 64 on one core and 62 on another.


      Here is report from Core Temp while playing Overwatch:


      CPU graphs per core:

      Core #0.png

      Core #1.png

      Core #2.png

      Core #3.png






      I feel this is too high.I reseated my cooler already (and reapplied the thermal paste). I think i applied enough thermal paste to be honest, when cleaning the previous paste it covered pretty much the entire cpu. Should I return the processor and ask for a replacement ?

      I also seem to notice some spikes in temp in the monitor application without much load (just some background stuff going one). If i just open HWMonitor for example, it instantly reports 50C at maximum. idle are at low 30s.


      LE: When alt tabbing in Overwatch for example temps were always below 60C, but I still find the 64C spike to be too high even if for a split second, isn't it ?

      Also XTU Benchmark max temp was 60, and while FireStrike benchmark it was around 58.

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          Intel Corporation
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          Hello RazvanD:
          The Intel® i7-6700K processor actually can reach up to 64°C inside the case that that is expected, as you can confirm on the following link, where it says package specifications:
          The fact that you are getting 30°C at idle is expected as well, the problem is if the processor reaches 90°C or 95°C,  or even higher, those are risky temperatures.
          The Intel® processor has a feature that when it reaches those temperatures the PC will go off by itself, to avoid any possible damage on the board and the rest of the components, but before that happens the PC will start to throttle and like getting freeze, those are the symptoms of overheating.
          So, at this point it is not necessary to replace the processor, seems to be working fine.
          Just to confirm that information, on the following link you will find a tool that will do an overall test on the processor, including a temperature test, and it the end it will give you a report of all the tests that were done:
          To get that report, once the test is completed, look for the option that says “file”, then look for “view file report” and you will be able to see the report.
          Any questions, please let me know.

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            Hello Alberto, thank you for the reply. I already ran IPDT and it passed the tests, saying the temps were somewhere below 45 from TJMax (100C). My concern is that some people get these temps (~60-65 in benchmarks/stress tests) with an overclocked cpu at higher voltages, while I am running stock frequencies and adaptive voltage(max 1.2ish). For example while running Cinebench cpu test, the temps reach about 64-65 on 2 cores, and a little less on the other two. If I were to render some scenes in 3DStudio Max(reason I got an I7 over an I5) I will probably reach the same 65 temp, and i will probably render for hours. Isn't this temperature a bit high ? I reseated the cooler again because I bought some Arctic MX-4 paste, applied it in a line this time, but I don't see much of an improvement, maybe 2C in some tests, but they are mainly the same. What do you think ?

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              Intel Corporation
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              Hello RazvanD:
              In regard to your inquiry, the processor seems to be working fine, every processor works differently; 64-65 is not that high, it is expected to reach those temperatures, as you can confirm on the link above.
              Besides that, it passed the test, and the IPDT is a very reliable tool, so, based on that seems like there is no problem with the processor.
              Now, do you have the option to test the board with a different processor?
              If you do not have the option to do that, that is no problem, is just that is one of the best ways to detect if the processor is not acting properly.
              Also, if there is any PC repair store close to you, they might be able to do that, to swap parts, just to make sure and rule out a possible processor problem.
              And remember, the processor has 3 years of warranty, if you think it is getting overheated and you prefer to replace it, we can always do that for you.
              If you are interested in the replacement, please get in contact directly with us through chat, email, phone or online support, just select processor on product type and you will get those options:
              Any questions, please let me know.

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                I understand. Regarding the warranty, if I were to want to replace it because of overheating while still in warranty, I assume I would go directly to my local retailer from where I purchased it(Romania) ? Sometimes there are issues with my retailers regarding service/warranties like not wanting to replace parts because they think they are working and etc, if so, can I directly send it by shipment and by following the steps you linked me ? Thanks .

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                  Intel Corporation
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                  Hello RazvanD:
                  Thank you very much for lettings us know all that information.
                  Perfect, by using that link we will be able to assist you in order to replace the processor.