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    intel DG45ID problem


      Hy, i just buy intel dg45id and intel q8300 and 2 giga of DDR2 800Mhz and  WD sata 640 Giga harddisk, I can`t instal windows 7  or vista or xp 64 bit version, i think that my bios is not setup propretly ,I had updated my bios for 3 times. evrery time i try to instal one of 64 bit version operating sistem i get a blue screen error,also i tryed to instal 32 bit version of windows (xp , vista , 7 ) and the same blue screen apears.It works all fine, is copying files and than apears that blue screen error and i don`t know what to do , i try instaling for 5 days and i just can`t   pls melp me and tell me how to setup my bios, or tell me where i do someting wrong. Thanks


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          Hi Rossy2010,  I'm sorry you are having problems with your Windows installation.  I have almost the same hardware you do, MoBo, CPU, Maxtor and WD HDD's.  I just installed Vista 32 bit on the Maxtor HDD and it works fine for me.  I'm installing Windows 7 on the WD HDD soon.  I am not sure what your problem is, but it might be that you do not have enough RAM memory.  I know that your 2GB seems like a lot, but it might not be enough for the installation.  I have a different PC that would not install Vista, and it had (only) 2GB of RAM.  I have 4GB on my DG45ID MoBo and the install worked fine.  I cannot guarantee that adding memory will fix your installation issue, but it is worth checking into.  Good luck!


          Some other thoughts, I checked the requierments for installing Vista 32bit, and it states only 1 GB of memory is needed.  But there is another potential memory issue.  This MoBo works best with memory that supports the Serial Presence Detect (SPD) data structure.  That is stated in the documentation for this MoBo.  It is also stated that if your memory does not support SPD, the BIOS will attempt to configure the memory for optimal functioning.


          I have not been able to find much information about SPD, and the memory manufactuers don't say much if anything about it from what I can see.  I am using Corsair XMS2 TWIN2X4096-6400C5 modules, which the BIOS identifies as SPD "nominal", meaning Ok.  The BIOS documentation states an error will be displayed if non-SPD memory is used, did you notice anything like this?  Perhaps this info will help you.


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