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    Unable to create a service request


      I have been trying for weeks to log a service request via the website, but keep getting this error:



      Please could you tell me which other means I can log this request, as I currently have a faulty Intel product.





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          • Disparate Channels for logging service request such as email, phone, chat, social media, walk-up, in-person
          • No centralization


          • Solutions

            • Centralize service request logging with web-based service request portal
            • Dynamic input fields for logging service request
            • Automatically convert inbound email service requests into help desk tickets

          Overcoming the Challenge of Disparate Channels to Log IT Service Requests

          Some of you might remember that brief moment in history when you used your cell phone as a phone. If technology has taught us anything, it’s that there is always a different or better way to do something. Now it seems like we use our cell phones for everything but phone calls. Instead of “let your voice be heard,” it’s “let your text, email, tweet be read.”


          This is all good, right? Technology is giving us better ways of getting our messages across. Except businesses rightfully subscribe to the notion that customer relationships are best established through open dialog. Fortunately, there won’t be a need to stop using our vocal chords—at least not anytime soon. If anything, technology will only enhance the way we communicate and build business relationships. Also, given the complex nature of technology, there will always be a need to collaborate and help each other.


          According to Henry Wadsworth Longfellow, “Into each life some rain must fall.” With technology, into each IT support department some end-users must call. Of course, technical support calls can now be in the form of emails, text messages, and online chats. Therein lies the challenge.


          Help desk staff obviously want to be as accommodating as the can for customers. But these disparate channels of communication and logging service requests could make your help desk staff feel like retrieving, prioritizing, assigning, and expediting service requests is an exercise in hand-eye coordination. Save that for the video games.


          Besides the traditional ‘walk-up’ option, some of the other channels of communication that have become predominant are: Email, Phone, chat and social media.


          Disparate channels for logging service request prevents an IT technician from having a unified view of the support request, there is no centralization of support requests and acts as a barrier for finding a quick resolution. This drastically reduces agent efficiency.


          An automated help desk tool is to your help desk what J.A.R.V.I.S is to Iron Man. Having a unified view of all service request methods helps you easily coordinate the service requests and messages that come from various communication channels. Here are a few items that can make your help desk processes much easier and more efficient.

          • Web-accessible interface. Keep help desk tasks, requests, ticket statuses, etc. from falling through the cracks. A centralized Web console lets you easily see and manage all your help desk processes.


          • Dynamic input forms for logging service requests. Instantly route service requests to the right technicians using forms based on request type. Create different forms based on distinctive needs.


          • Automated email-to-ticket conversion. Take a “hands-off” approach to converting emailed service requests to trouble tickets. Requests from multiple in-bound mailboxes and emails with attachments automatically convert to tickets or link to a designated service ticket.


          • Quick ticketing templates. Get ticket creation, processing, and escalation right every time—and fast. Select pre-populated ticket templates based on service needs.


          Overcoming the challenges related to the variety of customer interaction channels is how you keep your customer satisfaction rankings high. Help desk process management doesn’t need to be a juggling act. Get more time back in your day by maintaining more control over all your help desk tasks. ( Dot Net Training | Core Java Training | J2EE Training | Mainframe Training | Oracle DBA Training | SQL Server DBA Training )


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            Intel Corporation
            This message was posted on behalf of Intel Corporation

            Please confirm if you still need assistance with your Intel product?


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              I am currently in contact with support regarding the product.

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                Intel Corporation
                This message was posted on behalf of Intel Corporation

                Excellent information. Do not hesitate to contact Intel if you need further assistance. 


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                  Prerequisites for Submitting a Service Request

                  To submit a service request, you must be a McAfee customer with a service entitlement, and be registered on the ServicePortal using a valid grant number.

                  Registering on the Service Portal

                  After registering on the ServicePortal, you will have access to information and support that is not available to the general public.

                  1. Click the Log In/Out link in the upper right of the page.
                  2. Click the New User link.
                  3. Complete the following required fields:
                    Last Name
                    First Name
                    Grant #
                    Preferred Language
                  4. Click Next.
                  5. Complete the remaining fields and click Submit.
                  6. Click I Agree on the Usage Terms.
                    The system validates your entries and service entitlement against the grant number you submitted. If you make a mistake, you can correct the information. After the validation is complete, you can submit and manage your Service Requests, or chat with a Technical Support technician.

                  Submitting a Service Request

                  If you cannot find a resolution to your problem using the ServicePortal, you can submit a Service Request. Before submitting a Service Request, verify the following:

                  1. You are registered and logged into the ServicePortal with a valid UserID and Password
                  2. Your Technical Support Grant Number
                  3. Location of your Software
                  4. Detailed description of the problem or error

                  Complete the following steps:

                  1. Navigate to the Interactive Support section of the home page and click Submit a Service Request.
                  2. Complete the required fields. If a required field is not applicable, type N/A.

                    Under General Information, type your Grant Number and Partner name (if applicable).

                    The following fields will be populated for you: Account Name, Account Number, Contact Name, Contact Email.
                  3. Complete the following fields under the Reported Issue section:
                    Brief Description
                  4. Complete the following fields under the Product Information section:
                    Point Product
                    Product Service Pack
                    Product Version
                    Product Language
                    Scan Engine
                    Operating System
                    OS Language
                    OS Service Pack
                    Nodes Affected
                    Signature Set
                  5. Click Continue. Some possible solutions to your problem are displayed.
                    Note: When you select Continue, your Service Request is created in the background. Therefore, if you click Check My Service Request, it may not be displayed in the list. If you change focus without clicking Continue, the Service Request will not be submitted. Service Request sessions are abandoned after one hour.
                  6. Scroll through the list of related KnowledgeBase articles. To view an article, click the article link.
                  7. If a solution resolves your issue, click Self Resolved to close the Service Request.
                    If the solutions do not help you, click Submit to send the Service Request to Tier I Technical Support. If a technician can resolve your Service Request, they will update it with possible solutions.

                  Adding Attachments to a Service Request

                  You can attach files that helps resolve your Service Request. Examples of information that can be captured and attached include:

                  • File from a network server or desktop
                  • URL of the file

                  To attach a file to your Service Request:

                  1. In the Service Request Detail view, locate the Attachments section and click Add.
                  2. In the Update List view, click in the Comments column. The Update Detail view is displayed.
                  3. Click Attachments Add and then click Save. The Add Attachment dialog is displayed.
                  4. Locate the file or URL and click Add. The attachment you select is displayed in the Attachment Name field.
                  5. Click Submit to add the attachment to your Service Request.

                  Note: You can add attachments until the service request is closed. You cannot modify attachments.

                  Replying to email sent from your technician via ServicePortal

                  When replying to an email sent from your technician via ServicePortal, there is a character limit of 150 characters. If you have additional information that cannot be conveyed in 150 characters, please update the Service Request online. To update a Service Request online, see Updating a Service Request.Do not send attachments to the ServicePortal email address. They will be discarded and not attached to the Service Request. To add an attachment to a Service Request, see Adding Attachments to a Service Request.

                  Updating a Service Request

                  To update your Service Request:

                  1. Ensure you are logged into the ServicePortal.
                  2. Click the Check my Open Service Request link on the My Account tab. All your Service Requests are displayed.
                  3. Select on the Service Request you need to update.
                  4. Make the necessary changes.
                  5. When you are satisfied with the changes, click Submit.

                  Check My Open Service Requests

                  If a technician updates your Service Request with possible solutions, you can access them on the ServicePortal to decide if they resolve your issue.To check your open Service Requests:

                  1. Click the Check my Open Service Requests link from the ServicePortal. All open Service Requests are displayed for your account.
                  2. Select a Service Request and review the notes and comments made by the technician.
                  3. Check for attachments that provide information about your Service Request.
                  4. Follow any instructions or suggestions, and then verify that the solution resolves your issue.
                  5. If the solution does not resolve your issue, you can initiate a chat with Technical Support or you can call the toll-free Technical Support phone number to speak directly with a technician.

                  Check All Service Requests for My Company

                  To view Service Requests submitted by other registered users in your company:

                  1. Click on Check All Service Requests for My Company from the ServicePortal. All open Service Requests are displayed for your company.
                  2. Click on the SR number you want to view.
                  3. Select a Service Request and review the notes and comments made by the technician.

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                    Intel Corporation
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                    Are you having any issues trying to access Mcafee support or other Intel product?