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    Intel NUC DE3815TYKE - USB ports




      as I wanted to reinstall my NUC, I connected my USB keyboard to try and access the BIOS settings. Unfortunately, the keyboard seems to remain unpowered (all LEDs off) whatever USB port I connect it to. The keyboard works fine otherwise, and is the one I originally and successfully used to install my NUC.

      I have also tried to remove the BIOS configuration jumper; I land on the right menu ("... [1] Suppress this menu until the BIOS Security Jumper is replaced. [2] Clear BIOS User and Supervisor Passwords.[3] Clear Trusted Platform Module ...") but the keyboard remains down whatever USB port I use.


      Finally, the same behaviour remains (i.e., inactive keyboard) when I am in the Power Button Menu.


      My NUC is running BIOS version 19.


      Am I missing anything or is it a hardware issue?