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    D915GAG Power Supply specs


      Does anyone know what the maximum ATX12V version for a power supply is with a D915GAG motherboard?


      I have a board that is using what appears to be an ATX12V v1.x supply with 20-pin connector and works fine.


      I'm trying to test another power supply which is an ATX12V v2.0 supply with 24-pin connector.  Whilst the onboard LED lights up to indicate power is available, it does not start up. 


      The only difference I see is that (as per the v2.0 standard) the newer supply is missing the white -5v pin 20, which is present on the other supply.  The board shouldn't need it, since I believe it was for ISA bus which this motherboard doesn't have, but who's to say what the board's requirements are.  The manual has no version specification info.


      It is possible the newer supply is faulty but I don't have any other gear to test with right now.  In reality, I want to check if I go out buying a modern store-bought supply, will it work?