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    DH55TC problem with DVI connection


      I am having problems with the computer recognizing my monitor on a DVI connection. I am using a Core I-3 processor, 4GB ram, internal graphics (no external video card attached) on an Intel DH55TC board.


      • When I try using the DVI connection plugged into a ViewSonic monitor from 2006 the screen remains off and is not recognized. I have another computer with a Radeon 5850 and everything works fine on the monitor (except BluRay because it is not HDCP compliant).
      • The DVI connection on the Intel board works fine displaying on my HDTV once Windows boots but I can't see the BIOS post. I've heard other people have a similar problem where they can only see the BIOS using a VGA connection.
      • The computer works fine using a VGA connection. I can see the BIOS post and everything boots up but the resolution is poor quality.


      Is anyone else experiencing similar problems getting the display to work using a DVI connection on a computer monitor? Any help is appreciated.

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          Try to set the video source in the bios to IGP instead AUTO. For me, this helps, but I am still unable to run with 2 monitors DVI/HDMI and DVI primary.

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            I think I may know the answer to that.  The DVI is only enabled for POST when there are no monitors attached.  If you have an HDMI and DVI connected, the POST should show up on the HDMI monitor.


            Digital Visual Interface (DVI-D)

            The DVI-D port supports digital DVI displays. The maximum supported resolution is

            1920 x 1200 at 60 Hz refresh (WUXGA). The DVI-D port is compliant with the DVI 1.0



            The DVI-D port is only enabled for POST when there are no monitors attached to the

            VGA or HDMI connectors.


            The HDMI port is enabled for the POST whenever a monitor is attached, regardless of

            the VGA and DVI connector status.



            Although it may not seem like a big deal, at least they used the DVI-D on this board instead of the DVI-I.  I put together a DG43GT for a customer, it has the DVI-i connection, and could not get it to work with a DVI-D monitor (said monitor not found). Intel Support said I need to use specifically a DVI-i cable. So I ordered the cable and attempted to install it last night. The monitor being a DVI-D does not support DVI-i (it's missing the 4 holes next to the slot).  So basically Intel released boards that were already obsolete when they released them. Even an old used Viewsonic I bought recently at auction only uses a DVI-D connection.  LOL!   Now that's frustrating. 


            Good luck.




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              Hai I am from India


              I have got the same problem now..I have bought the i3 and DH55TC board?? when i connected with LG's E2360V LED HD monitor DVI and HDMI connection goes blank.Only VGA port is enabled and working at 1920X1080 resolution.what the use of having DVI and HDMI port I tried many ways and also approached local technical support of LG service centre...bulls!@#$%^& they first time hear that model release from me. Plz help with geniune solution for this..


              my mail id siva.cbeindian@gmail.com


              Thanks in advance..



              K Siva

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                I've experienced this problem long ago with a TFT monitor and a discrete ATI Graphics card. In the end the solution was a BIOS upgrade from ATI to get their card to support my monitors specs. If you already have the latest BIOS version for your motherboard (which will include any graphics BIOS code updates) and the problem still occurs with ONLY the monitor plugged in for graphics ie TV and everything else unplugged from the PC, then you'll need to report it to Intel tech support so they can look at addressing the issue in a BIOS update. If you want the monitor to display BIOS setup while the TV is also plugged in, forget that.

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                  My problem is similar after installing a new I-3 computer on existing monitor is seemed that

                  the Intel Graphics driver for the I-3 on my H55 was not correct.  The mouse disappeared

                  from the screen in all directions, then after closer examination decided that the screen was showing

                  about one inch less on each side, half of the desktop icon on both sides were chopped off

                  as if the resolution wasn't right.  Talk to other technicians and was advised the way

                  to fix the problem was to put in a graphics card.  But after about two weeks of tinkering

                  found that the way to fix the problem in Windows 7 is to right click on the screen and select

                  resolution. Adjusting the resolution didn't work. But  selected advanced settings which opens

                  HD Graphics Properties.  Select Troubleshoot Tab and then Change Settings Button.

                  This will let you adjust Horizontal and Vertical until you pull in the screen to match the edges of the monitor.

                  This requires admin rights.