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    i7-6700HQ Overheating and Repasting issue



      I have recently purchased Acer V15 Nitro VN7-592G, I am using it for video editing and rendering.


      GeForce GTX 960M GeForce GTX 960M
      8GB DDR4 SDRAM

      During rendering the temperatures of the processor increase to high 90’s C, sometimes peaking at 97C. Cool Boost is on, power profiles are on active cooling. Laptop is on a table in a room with a 24C temperature. So to summarize:


      Idle – 40/50C

      Load – 90/97C

      Room Temp – 24C


      After a while I have decided to repaste the cpu and gpu as I got too worried about stressing the package so much. An hour or so of fiddling and old paste was gone and new Arctic Silver 5 was applied. My only concern was that CPU area was way smaller than the heatsink, original paste was smudged all over the heatsink and on the CPU. I applied paste on the CPU only, guessing that the remainder of the heatsink would stay clean and cause no issues.


      Few stress tests in and a rendered video the temperatures went down:


      Idle – 30/34C

      Load – 80/90C

      Room Temp – 24C


      At this point I have discovered another issue or so it seems. Differences between core temperatures are substantial during load. Idling they are all at 30C to 34C. At load though it is a different story:


      Core 0 – 90C

      Core 1 – 73C

      Core 2 – 89C

      Core 3 – 66C

      Package – 90C


      That just looks bizarre. Should I reapply the CPU paste and put it no the heatsink as well? Any ideas, thoughts or comments?