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    upgrade laptop processor in asus L3C


      Hi guys!


      I wanna change the processor to a faster one in my laptop, but don't know witch one should be compatible.

      I've got an ASUS L3800C machine with a 2Ghz Pentium4 Processor. (2A Ghz, 512k L2 catche, 400Mhz fsb, and 1,5 volts of input, B0 stepping, 478 pin)

      I know only a few specifikations of my motherboard. It has 100 Mhz real clock, and 400 Mhz effective. It has intel i845 chipset.

      So is it possible to upgrade it? Or in other words: Witch infos do I need to know if a CPU fits into my system or not?


      Sorry for my bad English, and if I wrote something stupid (not a pro, but a student who learns law in Hungary). Thanks for your answer in before.