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    WiFi stop work after enable bluetooth


      My wireless adapter is AC7260 and operating system is Windows 10 Update 1607.


      Weeks ago, i can't use wifi because it can't find my wireless signal or just connected , without Internet, or super-high latency ( >3000 ms) and disconnect later.

      Tried reset system, install wireless driver version 19.10, 19.01, 18.33, both have same issue.


      Yesterday, i disabled bluetooth, then wireless worked, but i think last months it's works fine with wifi and bluetooth both enabled.

      Enable , high latency, all ping package lost , wireless signal disappear.

      Disable, wireless signal appear then, connected.



      There is only 3 meters to wireless router, other devices no such problem


      Sorry for my bad English, Anyone know how to resolve this problem?

      I can't use my laptop until resolve this problem because i need use mouse to work. no blue tooth, no mouse.