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    Problems with Intel graphics and Quick Sync  after update Windows 10 to version 1607


         Good afternoon!

      In previous versions of Windows 10, despite the presence of the NVidia discrete card, I used the built-in processor graphics from Intel to connect the virtual monitor to use in encoding software Quick Sync Video technology.

      Desk as it was placed on two monitors - real and virtual. Real monitor connected to the discrete graphics card from NVidia. and a virtual VGA to graphics-processor Intel Iris 6200 ( i7-5775C).

      After the upgrade, I discovered that the possibility of encoding video using Quick Sync I was gone, because I was connected only real monitor. I can not connect a virtual monitor.

      I note that in the updated Windows disappeared "old" settings panel resolution and connect monitors, which in my opinion, was more comfortable and intuitive for users. Also gone graphics from Intel Control Panel Control Panel \ Hardware and Sound. There remained only the NVidia Control Panel. The Device Manager displays the graphics from Intel Iris 6200 graphics and NVidia GeForce.

        Please suggest how to enable the Quick Sync in Windows 10 x64 Pro v.1607 ?  How  connect the virtual monitor to Intel graphicsI asked Microsoft to help me, but they redirected me to the Intel.