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    Is there a way to use the 8x8 polyphase scaling to encode videos ?




      I noticed when I used VirtualDub (a program to encode videos) on my notebook, that when I zoomed the image (4X on the picture), an upscaling was effective (the window on the left on the picture). Normally, the image is upscaled and downscaled with a Nearest Neighbor filter (the window on the right) in the preview.


      [see the pictures in full screen]


      Upscaling actif par défaut sur PC portable.png


      I would like to know how I can disable this scaling, by Intel I suppose, because I can't see what the original picture looks like when I zoom the image


      However, this type of scaling is interessant. I read on Internet, that it's a "8x8 polyphase scaling" on the Intel HD4600.


      It's particularly impressive when we zoom an image in a program like ACDSee.



      Zoom 1000% :


      upscaling Intel HD image zoomée 1000X.png


      Zoom 2000% :


      upscaling Intel HD image zoomée 2000X.png


      Zoom 5000% :


      upscaling Intel HD image zoomée 5000X.png


      Zoom 10000% :


      upscaling Intel HD image zoomée 10000X.png


      Here is the original image :


      DK3 - image originale basse définition.png


      So, I would like to know, if there is a way to use this scaling per example to encode videos please


      Thanks for your answer


      (sorry for my simple English, I'm French)