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    Need to change enp0s20f6 to eth0 interface name in Intel galileo gen board




           I am working on Yocto Linux Build System and also taken some reference of meta-clanton 1.1.0 for our custom board development which is based on Intel Quark x1000 SoC.


           I have enabled systemd and connman services and seen that name of Ethernet interface is like "enp0s20f6" instead of standard eth0 and same for wireless interface network name. I have searched configuration file in connman but not found much details to change that interface from build system.


           Does anyone has any idea or solution to change that interface name from Yocto Build System or Do I need to disable systemd service to get standard interface name?


           Please let me know if anyone knows about that issue.



      Note:-  I have tried one test like I have disabled systemd service from my yocto configuration and got network configuration name like eth0 for Ethernet and wlan0 for WiFi Interface. So, it seems like name of both interface is changed after adding support of systemd services.




      Ritesh Prajapati