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    do you think my processor is shot???


      ok ive looked at multiple forums and i can only find info about heating problems i just want some personal responses on my particular system.

      it shuts off randomly but mainly when i run hardcore games such as left for dead 2 or mass effect 2


      i have had it for almost a year and one month and for about a month it has been happening


      here are my specks:


      Intel Core 2 Quad Q6600


      EVGA Geforce GTX 260 superclcked edition


      EVGA NVIDIA nForce 780i ATX Intel Motherboard


      I have a 1000w power supply too...


      when i built it everthing was fine and it ran all my games no problems...

      what do you guys think:

      i cleaned it last night, all the fans are working, and recently before i cleaned it, i took the door off and i could and still can hear a faint ticking sound coming from where thethe processor is and i checked all the fans so they are ok... that ticking sound wasn't there before....

      is it burned out.  Now when i start it it boots up starts to run windows and shuts off....

      any help is appreciated

      Thanks for your time

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          It sounds like your particular CPU is quite possibly damaged in some way. It's functional to some extent, otherwise the computer wouldn't even get started on it's path to booting, hell, in fact most don't even turn on without a functional one. in regards to heating issues, it's possible. but it sounds like the CPU has a problem in regard to connection either internally, or to the system board itself. most all processor deaths are caused from repeated heat expansion and contraction. I don't want to be presumptious or rude, but are you absolutely sure it's the processor? it may be a hard disk or something else. CPU's typically make a buzzing/humming noise when they are having issues, but even then, that's pretty rare. i'd borrow a hard disk from another computer and try to boot off of it. CPU's typically don't have issues unless they're being "misused" i.e. overclocking/overvolting them, etc.


          there's not alot of detail to go off of. but that's the gist that i get. I hope it is of help.


          best regards. and good luck

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            well im sure the sound is comming from the processor but i called around and talked to some support and because all my stuff has years of warranty im sending my power supply back soon to get a new one and if that doesnt work im going to send my motherboard back and if that fails as well then im packing up the damn processor i wish the computer could just say"HEY, this doesnt feel right". lol but i did take the processor out and looked at it all is fine on the chip and the motherbord slot itself hopefully its not though because id be extrememly ****** if it is the original problem. and i also took everything except the motherboard processor a stick of memory out the case and tested it then <to see if it was something like the hardrives> but the thing still didnt run.  the guy said it has to be one of the three but he said because of the design it could be my powersupply bc on of my rails might be bad so its overloading another and that over time this could have been the result but fingers are crossed ill keep you updated

            thanks for the reply

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              That was another thought that occurred to me, was the PSU. however with the info given i hesitated to put it down. the possiblilty of an overloaded rail is very possible, particularly as most modern cpu's have thier own power cable and in some cases their own PSU rail. I sincerely doubt it's the motherboard unless you OC your CPU, and especially if you've been running it as long as you have and clean the pc with an ESD strap on your wrist. CPUs death is honestly pretty rare.

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                im shipping it back today so hopefully soon everything will be back to normal