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    Intel VCA setup issue




      Unfortunately, I could not find the appropriate section for VCA on these forums, and since the main aspect of VCA is Intel graphics, I am posting my question here.


      I am trying to explore Intel VCA capabilities and set up it according to QuickStart guide http://www.intel.com/content/dam/support/us/en/documents/server-products/server-accessories/Visual_Compute_QSG.pdf . For this purpose I set up a Supermicro SM 2028GR-TR server with 64GB RAM and dual Xeon E5 v3, made sure BIOS memory settings are good to go, downloaded the latest (and the only available) version of QuickStart package (IntelVisualComputeAccelerator_QuickStart_1.2.81.zip) and installed CentOS 7.2.1511.


      After the SW setup according to the guide, I got stuck at "vcactl boot" and "vcactl status" commands - both throw

      "ERROR: Command vcactl boot FAILED due to modprobe timeout for some of nodes!"

      exception after several seconds of waiting.


      Try as I might, I could not bring the VCA board online, although its hosts are visible via lspci. Would you help me to debug this issue?