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    DH55HC, i3, dual monitor


      Is there any way, to set the DVI Port as primary monitor instead the HDMI? I am able to plug inthe HDMI in Windows 7 and set HDMI and DVI as clone. But after a restart I only see a picture at the HDMI port, the DVI is black. I didn't see on DVI the bootscreen nor the windows desktop. Win+P also didn't work.

      I tried this with a asus bord and i3 procesor and there it was working, DVI primary and HDMI only activated in Windows. Looks like a bios issue.

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          Hi fitec,


          looks like my issue at http://communities.intel.com/message/83957#83957


          I found out that the resolution on DVI Port is scumbled (1669 x 1067 someting like this) if HDMI is connecte during boot. Probably your display on DVI will not show this resolution and thats why it seems like disabled.


          I spoke with a guy from support and he told me that my display must be damaged. It's not possible that intel firmware is buggy at this point....no comment on that.