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    Brand new wireless AC 7260 randomly drops connection [Win 10 x64]


      I bought a wireless AC 7260 for my laptop (asus r500A, i7-3630QM, Windows 10 64 bit) to both give it bluetooth and give me glorious download speeds. At first it was fantastic, getting 128mb down speeds with ookla speed test, while using speed test. However after a few months it started randomly dropping the connection and not working. Windows would say connected to the network, but would say no internet access, and i could not access and network share folders, access the homegroup, or access any networked printers. Sometimes for a few hours, other times it would stop working for a few days at a time. Recently it got so bad I had to go back to the store, but the adaptor was past the warranty period....


      So I bought another one. Same awesome speeds, awesome to have bluetooth.... for ONE WEEK. it stopped working about 24 hours ago and hasn't worked since, not at my home or work network. The second adaptor gives the same errors, it's "connected to network, no internet access" and no network or homegroup folders work. I bought two of the bloody things and I'm still writing this post with a Qualcomm Atheros AR9285. How do I test the wireless adaptors to see if they are or are not defective, and how do i make them connect to the network?