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    Online service request, live chat, and phone support all not working. What are my options?


      Had a well cooled, not overclocked, gently used i7-6700k fail after 10 months of use.  Already confirmed as failed, so no troubleshooting advice needed. 


      - Online service request always ends with a generic "System Unavailable" page.  Tried on multiple computers and browsers to no effect.
      - Live chat always seems to say "Not Available".  Again tried on multiple computers and browsers.
      - Phone support does not recognize the number beep tones so I cannot even get past the menu asking which language I want.  Tried on two cell phones and one land line. 


      What are my options besides forking over $300+ for a new CPU?  Is the "3-year warranty" just a fancy advertising tool and confidence builder on the hopes that nobody will actually have to USE the warranty? The lack of working customer support certainly feels like intentional obfuscation to get people like me to give up and throw money we don't have at a problem that shouldn't have occurred.