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    can't update my intel 4000


      first picture shows that im using an old driver

      second picture shows that i downloaded the .zip file and located the file I am suppose to select on when I manually update my driver

      third picture shows that it can't even be found

      fourth picture shows that I get the error message when using the .exe driver update


      I did almost everything but the because im afraid it well mess things up:  "I would recommend doing a full driver uninstall first then.  Go into Device Manager, right click the Intel® 'Display Adapter' and select 'Uninstall'.  Select the checkbox for deleting driver files as well.  Do this and reboot your computer - and repeat until the name of the driver is the 'Basic Microsoft Display Adapter'.  This means you've made it back to the in-box drivers that came with the OS.  From there, try doing the install method as stated above."