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    D5400XS / skulltrail & audio problems


      I have a skulltrail with 2 Xeon 5420CPU's. Works fine, but i always have problems with my audio.


      I use only optical out since I have a logitech z-5500. Sometimes I get an anoying scretching sound while i dont play music.

      Sometimes  when playing a song, i hear bleeping noise in the song. If i disconnect the fiber cable, the wierd sounds just stops.

      It aren't the speakers because they already are swapped by logitech and they work fine on by abit EP35P mainboard.


      The final touch: sometimes the audio just dissapear. No way to get it back. Only a restart helps.


      problems occure with Windows vista and seven.

      Bios and drivers are up to date (but i think the problem are just the audio drivers)

      sound to play: dolby digital / dts


      Anyone an idea?