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    Intel Iris 5100 mac mini win 7 bootcamp graphic problem


      Just recently bought my mac mini and installed win 7 on bootcamp.


      I can play Division (which is graphic intensive) just fine.  No graphic glitch or anything. Everything smooth.


      However when I play Hitman (TM) , whenever I'm outside (sun or moon is in the sky) the graphic turned black for a second then went back to normal again.  It pulsates like that.  Even worse if I look at certain corner the graphic took awhile to turn back to all normal again. Screenshots attached.


      I already updated my Iris driver to the latest. I turned down the graphic settings to all low.  It is still doing it.  Could be graphic compensating the shadow within the game.  Because if the character is indoor....the graphic is just fine.  It won't pulsate black then turn back to normal again.


      So far I only tested on these 2 games.  Not sure about the performance on the other games.