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    DP35DP and Q9xxx


      Hello. I have some problems with compatibility motherboard DP35DP and processors from Q9xxx series.


      After installing the processor into the motherboard there are following problems:


      - all fans, which connected on motherboard, start running at maximum speed;

      - computer is turned on in 2 steps: first - I turn on him, but there isn't a signal on monitor and activity on HDD, so I turn off him; second - I turn on him, and computer work normally. I must repeat this steps all times I want to turn on computer;

      - BIOS said about processor that it have 2.0 GHz rate only, fixed 26 C temperature, and there isn't name of processor.


      I tried on my  motherboard two Q9400 and one Q9505 and faced with same problems. Motherboard has latest BIOS (0572). Now motherboard is working with E6550 and there are no problem.

      How can I solve these problems?


      Please, help me! And sorry for my bad english.

      Thanks for all.

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          Welcome to the club.  I have a DP35DP motherboard with 572 BIOS.  I change the CPU from Q6600 to Q9650 and now the CPU fan runs at full speed all the time and the system will not restart unless it is powered down.  Also, Window is not correctly recognizing the CPU.  Now I need to fight to downgrade the BIOS to see if that fixes the issue.  I already tried and had issues.  There are still avenue to pursue to get a successful downgrade.


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            I posted on another thread, I solved a simalar issue by reflashing with bios 517(the bios that was flashed on the mobo). Try reflashing with 527, if not try a bios recovery to 517. then also uninstal then reinstall the Intel ME driver.