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    REST API - C intel edison  submitdata error 1404


      Hi guys,


      I'm trying to use C- API to access at rest service of intel iot cloud.

      When I try to submit data with


      response_temperature = submitData("temperature", "26.15");
        printf("Response Received :%s\n", response_temperature);


      Server response is:

      Response Received :{"code":404,"data":{"code":1404,"message":"Device not found in IoT cloud. Try initializing and activating the device once again."}}


      The url generated from submitData is:




      with body


      body: {"on":1471383109000,"accountId":"f4b1e5f2XXXXXXXXXXXXXXX","data":[{"componentId":"temperature.v1.0","on":1471383109000,"value":"26.15"}]}


      In accord with Data API · enableiot/iotkit-api Wiki · GitHub


      The device results activated and the proof is that :

      isActivated = isDeviceActivated();

      return true both before and after submitData.


      Can anyone help me?


      Thanks a lot.