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    Need help to choose WiFi+Bluetooth Module based on Intel Quark x1000 SoC boards


      Hi All,


           I have one Intel Galileo Gen 2 board which is based on Intel Quark x1000 SoC based and have created core-minimal-image using Yocto Linux Build System. I have tested all interfaces like GPIO, I2C, SPI, ADC, Ethernet and UART which works fine with that image without any issue.


           Now, I want to connect WiFi+BLE module in which communication interface should be USB or Mini PCIe because SDIO interface is already used to boot firmware from SD Card which we need it. So, I have one Atheros based Mini PCIe module and tried to connect it into Intel Galileo Gen 2 board as well as tested it into STATION and AP mode which works fine without any issue.


           But, Mini PCIe based WiFi module is too much costly as I have looked some modules which is in range of 18 to 25 US Dollar. Also, we are planning to create our custom board based on Intel Quark x1000 SoC in which we need support of 802.11 b/g/n WiFi+BLE 4.0 support either on USB or on Mini PCIe Interface.


           So, can anyone please suggest me to choose appropriate WiFi+BLE module which should be in range of 4 to 10 US Dollar and should be worked with Intel Quark x1000 SoC?


           Please let me know any information as quickly as possible.




      Ritesh Prajapati