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    Need Raw .inf driver files for Z97


      I need help locating z97 Intel chipset driver files in .inf format.


      I need to dual boot Windows 7 & 10 to test some software updates I'm working on. I'm trying to install Windows 7 Pro on an MSI Z97 Gaming 5 MB, a dual use work & play computer.  A new toy now that I am retired.


      The problem is that old Windows 7 does not contain the drivers for the onboard chipset(s) on the modern board.


      What I want to do is slipstream the Z97 Intel drivers into Windows 7.  What I need are the raw .inf files since .exe files cannot be slipstreamed.


      I thought that Intel offered all driver files in .inf format for corporations that remotely updated their computers. Can someone provide some assistance here.


      Thanks in advance,