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    SR1550AL/S5000PALR Won't Post


      This is a hair-puller for me.  The attached file briefly (I hope completely) describes the operating environment and the problem.  Manuals and Google searches have not been helpful.  ANY insight would be greatly appreciated.

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          Try this tool: Troubleshooting server system boot issues

          You may also try to move the BIOS select jumper at J3H1 to pins 1-2.


          If none of above resolves you issue, you may want to replace components: board, CPU, memory.

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            OK. what i understand is you are not able to boot the machine(not even post).

            Ensure the  compatiblity lists for S5000PALR

            http://ark.intel.com/Product.aspx?id=46540  ( check for mem,powersupply, chassis and etc..)


            In addition to that, follow the steps.

            1. Make sure you have populated the CPU in slot1

            2. Remove the memory and boot without memory and ensure you can hear beep codes.

            3. IF step 2 is pass, then boot the machine in BMC force update mode. [clear the cmos aswell]


            let me know the status,

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              Agreed with the above - try booting without memory

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                Thanks to Edward Zhao, Dan_O and Kamal for their helpful answers.  Removing the memory did not result in any beep codes.  Board is new (2nd one), memory was pulled from a working S5000PSL server.  This leaves the processor and perhaps the mini control panel.  Why do I say that?  I can power up using the mini control panel power button BUT the control panel power light does NOT come on AND I can't power down using the control panel power button - I have to unplug the power supply...anyone ever heard of this behavior?

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                  If you're not getting three beeps with no memory, then the board isn't even passing the processor power-on.  Which would also explain why you can't power-off via the front control panel.


                  Which processor are you using?

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                    Using a single Xeon E5405 (sSpec SLAP2) in CPU socket 1.  It shows up on the S5000PALR compatibility list.

                    Thanks for info about dead processor symptoms...I've never had this happen before.  I may have to acknowledge that the processor is dead...  I bought it used...who knows?!

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                      Unfortunately, I'm back.  In spite of receiving and following several useful tips from community members, the board STILL won't post.  See threads for prior tips.  The "missing link" seems to be lack of ANY post code diagnostic LEDs.  I should see at least one red LED during the power-on initialization of the host processor, yes?  I'm tempted to say that the board is not getting any power, even though the +5vsb and status LEDs on the board are lit green.  I've pulled out ALL my hair over this one...


                      Any help on this one??