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    Nuc6i5syh F10 boot sequence non existent disk detected.



      I have a Nuc6i5syh bios version 0051

      Both legacy and uefi boot are enabled.


      Whenever I insert one usb pendrive  , when I press F10 to choose the boot device a line appears (the first one)


      UEFI : USB : UEFI : USB : Sony Storage Media 0100 : Part 0 : OS Bootloader : P



      This is not the pendrive model actually inserted (which brand is TDK)

      I own a "Sony Storage Media 0100" but it's not inserted (I used it in the past)


      If I select this line for boot nothing happens.

      If I connect other two pendrives my TDK is detected and works and the "Sony Storage Media" is always present.

      If no usb pendrive is connected "Sony Storage Media" does not appear after F10


      I tried to load factory defaults, downgraded bios to version 0045, changed various options, the behavior didn't change.

      Whatever USB pendrive I connect the device is always detected as:


      UEFI : USB : UEFI : USB : Sony Storage Media 0100 : Part 0 : OS Bootloader : P

      and doesn't  work at all as boot device.


      So many years I deal with computers I've never seen  nothing like this.

      Best Regards




      Update 1)

      After some testing I have some more information.

      I disconnected the cmos battery for about four hours.

      After that the "Sony Storage Media 0100" never appeared again.


      When legacy boot is enabled, non UEFI USB boot devices are never listed after F10 (I think they should)

      but boot is executed.


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