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      Hi, I just purchased a
      ss4200e, but I am having trouble setting it up. I installed 2 hard drives into the 1 and 2 bay. The power light is flashing and the network light are flashing but the 1/2 bay lights are solid. Whenever I launch the intel entry storage system program and run through the progress I get this:


      Sorry. Please confirm that all cables have been properly connected, your router is working properly, and the Intel Entry Storage System device has been turned on before clicking Next again.

      Click the Retry button to try again.


      Click the Back button to start the install again.


      what do I do? The hard drives are brand new, do I need to format them or something? if so, how? Thank you.

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          I had a similar problem and it turned out to be due to the fact that I did not connect the DOM's power cable.  I assumed it would be powered from the mother board.  The power supply connector was buriend under the main bundle of power cables and not readily visible.  Once I connected it my problem was solved.  The instructons with the DOM were poorly written ("DOM Enclosed.  Them must be connected for ss4200e to work") without pictures, etc.  Nice.


          Any chance this is your problem?

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            Remove your hard drives and boot the storage. If storage console can detect the storage now, you may want to remove all partitions on your hard drive first. If issue not resolved, you may try to reset the system to defaults.

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              Hi Rose,


              I had the same problem, and it turned out to be caused by the DOM's power cable not being connected to the power supply.  The connector was hidden under the main bundle of wires coming out of the power supply, and I assumed it would be powered from the motherboard.  Any chance this is your issue?  the instructions with the DOM were horrible... A couple of typed sentences on a peice of white paper starting with "DOM Enclosed.  Them must be installed for server to work...".  No pictures, diagrams, etc.  Nice, huh?

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                Hi, how do I set it to RAID 0? It's currently in mirroring ( RAID 1)


                PS: I got it working, the DOm was the issue.

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                  Open the server's software on your computer, log in and...

                  1. Click on the "settings" tab near the top of the window.
                  2. Then, click on the "disks" icon in the center window.
                  3. Then, click on the "manage disks" link toward the bottom of the center window.
                  4. Then, clcik on the "data protection" icon in the center window.
                  5. Choose your desired option, follow the directions and the server will do the rest.


                  A couple of words of advice... This will overwrite any data you may have added to the disks since you got the server up and running, and this can be a lengthy (e.g. overnight) process.


                  Good luck!

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                    I just noticed you said you want to invoke RAID 0.  I believe RAID 5 will be your only other option to RAID 1.  With RAID 5 you would lose 25% of your storage space for backup protection, vs. 50% with RAID 1 mirroring.

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                      Hey, the only options I have are: "Mirror based data protection uses 932 GB of space for protection, leaving 932 GB for actual data." I don't see anything else, could you provide a screenshot or something. Sorry, I'M NEW AT THIS.

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                        RAID 1 is the only option if you use two hard drives. If you install four hard drives, you can select RAID 5. For more details, see How many hard disk drives can I use with my system?

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                          I think I know the problem.  You will have to delete the shard folders that were automatically created when the system booted up for the first time (see the note and link near the bottom of the "Data Protection Settings" page).


                          You need to click on the "Shared Folders" link in the message referenced above, or the "shared Folders" tab near the top of the page, and then click the trashcan icon next to each of the folders ("backup" and "public", by default) to delete them (just follow the prompts).  After that, when you navigate back to the Data Protection Settings page, you should be able to see the option for RAID 5.



                          Good luck!

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                            I believe Edward is correct.  You will not be able to do RAID 5 with only two drives.  For some reason I thought you had four.  Sorry.