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    R1304RPMSHOR (S1200V3RP)  Platform Confidence Test (PCT) Utility for EFI 3060072f error



      I have a R1304RPMSHOR (S1200V3RP) server.

      The chassis fan is running too fast or too loud

      I have download the PCT for EFI, copy it to a USB and follow instructions.

      But when I click on "quick test" or "comprehensive test" an error is shown and no test is done:


      *** ERROR TX64.EFI ***

      Missing or invalid software license.

      Standard Error Code = 3060072F

      (Error logged at 08-16-2016 16:18:04)


      I have search but I have not found any reason.

      Does some know the reason of the error? or a way to solve it? 

      I will appreciate any help. Thanks a lot